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Freestyler tube - strength "Medium"

  • Highly durable quality tube with anti-burst technology for added durability
  • Strength marks imprinted on each tube ending for easy choice of the tube strength (easy, medium, strong and sport)
  • Specially constructed carabines on each tube ending made of high quality materials

Your price 3,50 €Vat. not incl.

* For countries outside of the European Union we are not charging any tax but there is a high chance that you will be charged import duties and tax upon arrival of the products to customs, in line with the regulations of your country.

We take great pride in providing the support and services our clients need so all the FREESTYLER products have a warranty of one year. In the event of a manufacturers defect, we will immediately repair or replace the damaged product. This warranty however does not cover damages due to improper use or miss treatment of the products.

We are doing our very best to deliver our products to our clients in the shortest possible time. Our delivery time is 7 -21 working days.