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Freestyler package

  • 1x FREESTYLER™ Base Board
  • 3x Medium, 3x Strong, 3x Sport Elastic Tubes
  • 1 x Pair of Ankle Cuffs
  • 1x Pair of Handles

from 165,00 €
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The maximum quantity order is 20 Freestylers. If you wish to place a bigger order or your country is not on the list please send us inquiry at info@freestyler.net

Base Board

Basic component of the FREESTYLER™ is an anti-slip baseboard with ergonomic design and all edges smoothed for comfort and safety. It is made of recyclable environmentally friendly materials, which were originally used in the aeronautical industry.

Special embossed grid prevents slipping while standing on the FREESTYLER™. Soft pads placed under the board enable it to stay in place. Special markings indicate position for making initial device adjustments and position of the feet during workouts. Serial number enables rapid customer feedback in an effort to constantly monitor and control production quality.

The two rotating hyperboloids are specially designed for smooth and even distribution of force produced by the rubber tubing (optimal elongation range enabled). The tubing always returns to its original position even if extreme positions are used in the workout.

The board measures 120 x 40 x 4 cm and weighs only 3,4 Kg.

Tubing Sets: 3x Medium, 3x Strong, 3x Sport Elastic

A set of quality elastic tubing which allows step by step progressive resistance. It includes 6 tubes: 3x Medium, 3x Strong, 3x Sport Elastic Tubing. This highly durable tubing incorporates anti-burst technology for added durability. Specially constructed carabines on each tube ending are made of high quality materials for safety and a user friendly experience. Strength markings are imprinted on each tube ending.


A pair of rotating soft grip handles for a comfortable workout.

Ankle Cuffs

A pair of soft and adjustable ankle cuffs made of materials that guarantee pleasant user experience. You won’t even notice you are wearing them. Specially designed stitches enable safe exercising and prolonged life span of the product.

The FREESTYLERTM package contains all necessary attributes for your workout.
But there is more! You will also get unlimited access to our video center, the tool to keep you motivated.

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