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"High intensity" tubing set

  • Set of 6 quality elastic tubes (3 strong and 3 sport which includes 2 replacement tubes)
  • Perfect for more intensive and stronger training

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"High intensity" tubing set
  • Highly durable quality tubes with anti-burst technology for added durability
  • Strength marks imprinted on each tube ending for easy choice of the tube strength (strong and sport)
  • Specially constructed carabines on each tube ending made of high quality materials


Your FREESTYLER has a warranty of one year for all parts from its purchase date. In the event of a manufacturers defect, your dealer (at option) will repair or replace it promptly with no questions asked. We take a great pride in providing support and service our clients need. This warranty however does not cover damages due to improper use or miss treatment of the unit, including any extraordinary event leading to damage, whether it is reversible or not.


FREESTYLER exercise system is simple and extremely effective! Thousands of success from all over the world give us confidence to give you money back guarantee option.