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Freestyler is an innovative "Functional Super Toning System" which allows full 3D functional training and incorporates different combinations of cardio, strength & balance exercises supported with personalized on-line programs. You can also choose among music, clothing and other accessories to make your workout more pleasant.

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Freestyler travel bag
Excl. VAT:26,00 €
Incl. VAT:31,72 €
"High intensity" tubing set
Excl. VAT:22,50 €
Incl. VAT:27,45 €
CD - Freestyler Super Toning 1
Excl. VAT:15,90 €
Incl. VAT:19,40 €
Freestyler bracelet pack
Excl. VAT:5,00 €
Incl. VAT:6,10 €
Freestyler black & white top
FREESTYLER "Unstoppable" top
Excl. VAT:11,25 €
Incl. VAT:13,73 €
Freestyler Necklace "Bling"
Excl. VAT:17,90 €
Incl. VAT:21,84 €