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Freestyler DVD Pilates

It focuses primarily on:
  • increased core, body awareness & functional strength,
  • improved joint & muscle flexibility,
  • reduced joint & back pain,
  • better sense of control,
  • reduced risk of injury,
  • focused mind & feeling of empowerment.

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  • 55 minute workout
  • slow and focused choreographies with a gentle music background


- Standing
- Core
- Bridges
- Supports
- Side
- Sitting
- Back


The Freestyler Pilates workout is intended for all who want to strengthen their "core muscles”, prevent or ward off problems with back pain and develop lean and flexible muscles. The workout is slow and focused with nice ambient music in the background where people can really focus on themselves and restore much needed balance. The Freestyler Pilates class is also a great workout enhancement for those who already participate in a Pilates class and want more out of it. A Freestyler Pilates class is an ideal solution because it allows execution of virtually every basic Pilates exercise with the added benefit of progressive resistance. Typical clients are men and women between 15 and 70 year's old, many of whom already participate in some form of Pilates class. While it is a great additional offer for trained Pilates customers, anyone can benefit from it and are encouraged to participate in a class.


The Pilates class is structured like a typical Pilates class that is done either on a mat, reformers or any other typically use equipment. It is not choreographed to music but instead uses gentle music background that encourages the instructor to give more precise and individual remarks regarding technique and execution of the routines. The focus is on correct execution of the Pilates technique which is enhanced by the use of the progressive resistance Freestyler tubing. Each segment contains 3-4 different Freestyler pilates exercises with some variations and modifications.